~Andrew of CrabLord.com

> Alias: Rew, Rew-Dude, Rewsifer
> Alignment: Good
> Element: Ice
> Music: Metal, 80's Rock
> Favorite Film: Terminator 2-Judgement Day.
> Favorite VG Genre: RPG, Action, Hack'n Slash

- Xbox Gamertag:     Rewsifer
- PS3 Gamertag:       Rewsifer
- Steam Account:     Rewsifer


Hey, I'm Andrew, administrator and owner of CrabLord.com.
I'm a farm-town Canadian guy who grew up watching cartoons and rocking video games while my friends were playing hockey, because I never learned how to skate. I also grew up with only three television channels and never acquired high-speed internet until I was seventeen years old. I went through elementary school with only eleven other kids in my class, and then went to a high-school fifteen minutes down the highway, which was the most amazing time in my life.
I have a passion for music, collecting video games, and pixel art.

For my music interests, I listen to 80's rock, thrash metal, and chiptunes. In the later days of high-school, I picked up my first Bass guitar and immediately started to teach myself songs from Megaman X-2. My bass was later stolen, and I tried out my brother's electric guitar (and immediately fell in love). After high-school I immediately started working, and bought my own electric guitar with my first paycheque. More recently I've been learning synth/keyboard.

I used to draw with ink and pencil, but I have moved on to blending pixel tilesets, and isometric pixel art. I never took art class in high school, I somewhat regret this. I do not enjoy being graded on something I create, Especially when the teacher writes the God-Damn grade on on my creation.

Incomplete... More coming soon.

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