After four and a half years of questing, bossing, and hardcore power-leveling.. I've finally reached "Level 200" in the popular MMORPG "MapleStory" 

Hard to believe...

Easily the highest achievement in my gaming history.

      I decided to challenge the universe of MapleStory the second I saw the advertisement. I drooled at the awesome pixel-art masterpiece without even knowing that it's one of the "hardest to level up" games in history.

      I achieved Level 200 early January, the usual time of year when I would level grind my Archer while sipping a giant coffee and occasionally glancing at a nearby mirror that angled towards the television... and I have to say.. I miss it.

      MapleStory is now a bore. The only new goals I could attempt, would be to solo a few bosses, finish some quests I missed, or start a new character.. which is NOT going to happen. But I remember the good times, and I have an entire screenshot history to show it.

      It seemed as I progressed through the game, the client kept updating and made the game easier for those who were lower level than I was... And it's absolutely true. Right after I got to level 120 (4th job advancement), the "Big Bang" patch arrived and the EXP required to level up was cut in HALF!.. But I'm not complaining. It was a grand adventure. Travelling across the huge world of MapleStory was an awesome experience, and I would like to thank the following users for helping me accomplish the grand achievement of getting to level 200:
(In no particular order)
JeffXBankai, AbysmalSage, HerbBandit, colemeista, wowie23, Dragon4Show, Can0oer, DryHaunter2, StuntPilot, cortes, Phunya, Aidanoh, BABYMARIO, MiroticSoda, NubbieDK, DirtyArron, DirtyCarmen, AznTwinBlade, TWISTABLE, Abouts, CyborgSpider, TanakaDes, AcadieBow, Savorthason, AngryRacist, Brookieslove, honeykinz, iAscend, LadyBrooke, MilotheMage, Shomsky, Drakencast, R3dMicDrag, SoCereal, kaizer10, xOhitsjustme, Alphuhk, iiTheDevil, Pubiceer, SaltySeeman, SteelyStars,  ToxicPaint, runxbox46, iHeeler, lVlagici4n, Ladizz, imSamMan, Kynim, ReMixBaby, BigError, ClubLexus, l96brandon, Maykixxx, NBRNJ, KumaV, Progness, Revoltec, Aiyayaas, BishopBrooke, hellpatch, icfinkl, katiu, LamboRev, MrTranX, TwinBowFoShow, NoahBow, Psych0spaz2, StarBM  



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