I remember back in the arcade days, walking past a row of cabinets with some flashy monitors and hearing over-amped sound effects that tried to mask over the games next to it.  When I would run out of quarters and still had time to kill, I would just watch the gameplay demos on the screens and wish I had a few more bucks to spare.

      Those gameplay demos really did work on the passing eye, even in today's gaming market, from commercials to in-store game demos... Which leaves to me to think WHY would anybody take the time to make an absolute shit demo.

      I'm sure the following demos are programmed and not recorded from "AeroFighters" for the SNES.. but still, there wasn't much effort to make these demos look good at all (SNES Cartridge):

      ... Constantly getting hit, using bombs unnecessarily, and shooting anything but the enemy. I've seen these demos a few times before and gave my head a shake.

Because of how awesome AeroFighters is, I've put together MY OWN DEMO... maybe Mc O'River should've hired my ass at the time... when I was three years old.

~ Rew


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