Kingdoms of Amalur

- June 15th, 2012

I’ve just played through ’Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning’ and I’m fairly impressed. If you haven’ heard of it, think of it as a crossover between Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and the original Fable.
While I enjoyed the majority of the game, there were a few aspects of my adventure that I questioned, such as how tacky most of the equipment looks, and how long it takes to level up later in the game (Level 35+). I completed the main story at level 28 out of 40 on HARD MODE, which seemed premature. The game ended all of a sudden and I was nowhere near max level. NOTE: I would recommend playing the game on Hard Mode if you want to get all of the achievements without having to play the entire game twice.

Now that I have the cons out of the way, here’s some of the awesome:
» The ability to reset all of your skills/ability stats if you feel like you’ve messed up,
» The ability to change your class, or choose to be a hybrid of all classes,
» "Fast travel" through the world map,
» Crafting/customizing your own equipment,
» The freedom to explore 3/4 of the entire world from level 1. (though not recommended)
Without having to go on about the game, I will simply recommend it. Enjoy a free roaming Hack’n Slash in a beautiful environment that Kingdoms of Amalur provides.

Anyways, try it out yourself if you’re a fan of Fable or Elder Scrolls, or just want to try something new.
Some missable achievement/trophy info:

"Destiny Dominated" (100G)

Beat the game on Hard difficulty

As I said earlier, Unless if you want to have another playthrough consisting of another 40+ hours, I would recommend playing your first game on Hard mode... Just be sure to save your game alot.

"Out of Your League" (20G)

Kill an enemy 4 levels higher than you

Just as the description says, but here’s what I did: After I went through the prologue, I saved my game on a few different files, after beating the game I went back to another older file, ranked up to level 2, reset all my abilities to dagger mastery and a single point in "Asassins Art" and put all my skills in 'Stealth' .. I then travelled as far west, and only went in the first area of the desert, backstabbed a sprite once, then went into fateshift mode, beat down the sprite, and got the achievement.

"Open Sesame" (15G)

Dispel 50 wards

This is only potentially missable, I was surprised while looking at forums to see how many people fail at dispelling treasure boxes. Best thing to do is simply save before every attempt at dispelling.

"A Wink and a Smile" (15G)

Succeed at 50 Persuasion attempts

Since there aren’t many chances to even be able to persuade someone, this is highly missable. (This also happens to be the only achievement I have yet to acquire) Try to make a habit of saving the game before talking to any characters dealing with quest events to improve your odds of sucession.

~ Rew


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