Next round for Retro Fantasy Achievements goes to "BattleToads in Battlemaniacs."
This edition of "Fantasy Achievements" was guest-written by videogame analyst and local legend who simply goes by..."Vince."   You can check out his YOUTUBE CHANNEL RIGHT HERE IN THESE ALL-CAPS!

A message from Vince:
"How you practice determines the saying 'practice makes perfect.'
I wish you all the best for beating this game.
It's not impossible and will make you
infinitely more patient and determined
in any other game in the future!"

Personally, I don't think BattleToads is AMAZING or anything... but it's Hardcore, and that's why I love it.
Now give these a try, and try not to hate us for getting you to play Battletoads...
We're not making you do anything.

BattleToads in Battlemaniacs is only available on: Super Nintendo.

     > Enter the cheat code for more lives and continues... You'll need them.

     > Beat the game without using cheat codes... I guess you're pretty hardcore.

     > You chose "2-player Mode A"...You chose wrong.     Enjoy friendly fire mode.

     > Use controller port 2 in a 1-player game to use Rash instead of Pimple.

     > Use an attack inbetween two enemies.

     > Throw an enemy into a pit... You will be awarded 0 points, but it's damn awesome.

     > Bash wasplings repeatedly and earn an extra life.

     > Use the wall attacks when descending the tree.

     > Make it through the tree level.

     > Jump over a taller wall during the hoverbike level.

     > Make it through the hoverbike level.

     > Used an alternative way to make it through the snake level portion A and D... Aren't you clever.

     > Beat the saw stage.

     > Punch the racing rat in mid fall.

     > Finish the rat race.

     > Defeated the Dark Queen.

     > Score 150 points in the bowling pin bonus stage before deductions.

     > Score 200 points in the dominoes bonus stage before deductions.

     > You get the bad ending... Maybe next time.

     > You got the good ending... Go brag!

                         ... and Vince!


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