Need extra motivation to keep PSI. Rockin' EarthBound? or how about some extra challenges?
The completion of these "Fantasy achievements" include various activities in gameplay, for example:
- Fighting certain monsters,
- Searching specific areas,
- Using specific items at the appropriate time,
- Funding loads of in-game currency,
- And random madness just for fun and reward.

      Bonus treasures can be obtained after a few of these are completed, and note that ABSOLUTELY ALL of these achievements are "missable!"   That's right, it's possible to go through the entire game without accomplishing any of these feats.

... Enjoy!

     > Ness reaches Level 99

     > Bank $300,000

     > Find the "Secret Clubhouse."

     > Get 7-7-7 in the Dusty Dunes slot machine.

     > Fund the experimental research of Orange Kid.

     > Successfully sell an item with the "For Sale Sign"

     > Have a snake, chicken, beetle, and mouse in your backpack.

     > Defeat the Criminal Caterpillar and Master Criminal Worm.

     > Trade 15 or more "Horn of Life" at the Tenda Village Trading Post

     > Order and pay for a pizza.

     > Find a Truffle

     > Purchase the Seaside House

     > Clean out the Monkey Cave.

     > Trade the "Insignificant item" for something more reliable.

     > Equipped the rare treasure dropped by the Bionic Kraken

     > Equipped the rare treasure dropped by the Chomposaur

     > Fix the rare item dropped by the Uncontrollable Sphere

     > Find all of the "King's" Equipment.

     > Enter Cave of The Past without ever buying a "Hint"

     > Defeat Giygas with a fully consious party.

~ Andrew


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