MegaMan X "Fantasy Achievements"

     Next round for Retro Fantasy Achievements goes to "MegaMan X."
With this list of achievements, you will need to play through the game multiple times to acquire all of them.
Note that I didn't make them as Extremely Difficult as these official achievements: MegaMan 9, MegaMan 10.
I've wanted to make an achievement list for MMX for quite some time now, since it's one of my favorite (possibly number 1 spot) games of all-time.
Enjoy a new challenge to a legendary classic... and If you get the No-damage-vs.-Launch-Octopus goal before I do, I'll be super pissed.

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MegaMan-X is available on: Super Nintendo, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, and Wii U (Download).

     > Get all capsule upgrades.

     > Get all Energy-Tanks.

     > Get all Heart Containers.

     > Freeze the Mandrill.

     > Burn the Penguin.

     > De-Armour the 'Dillo.

     > De-Trunk the Mammoth.

     > De-Claw the Sigma.

     > Play through the game with only one capsule upgrade.

     > Outrun both Dozer-Tanks.

     >> Knock out a boss in one hit.

     >> Survive for 1 minute against Vile in his first appearance.

     >> Play through the entire game without losing a single life.

     >> Beat the game in under an hour.

     >> Beat the game with full upgrades, tanks, and containers under an hour.

     >>> Play through the game with only the X-Buster.

     >>> Take no damage against Launch Octopus.

     >>> Take no damage against Bospider

     >>> Earn the ability of HADOKEN!

     >>> CrabLord Challenge: Play through the game in "Reverse Order:"
Flame Mammoth, Storm Eagle, Sting Chameleon, Boomer Kuwanger, Launch Octopus, Armour Armadillo, Spark Mandrill, Chill Penguin.

~ Andrew


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