Rew's Shitty Gr.11 Comics

      I always loved having a cache of paper and pens in front of me at all times in High School. I always carried around two books.. one "art binder" and another with actual school-work. While the teacher's were busy writing a board full of notes, I drifted away into my drawings... when other students noticed, few of them asked me to draw something for them.
      I made a few comics based on real events for a good friend, and more were being requested.. So I started making this series of comics. The lame part of this was, I would have to think of a quick joke and draw out a comic within a few minutes. Finishing the comic so I could actually get some work done, resulting in messy work.
      These are only a few "comics", as well as a few randoms, that I find mediocre at best when it comes to speedy sketches....... enjoy?

     Yes .... I did.

Gr.12 Remake

Gr.12 Attempted half-completed Remake

~ Rew


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