V.2 On the way

- February 20th, 2013

     Our EarthBound texture pack for MineCraft is coming along quite well, yet rather slowly.
I need to familiarize myself with all of the new MineCraft features that have emerged within recent updates, and revamp loads of new tiles.


I've been replacing some tiles with sprites from the more twisted and evil portions of the game... "The Nether" now has an even darker tone, representing colors and textures from the areas "Devil's Machine" and "Cave of The Past" in the EarthBound world. I'm also struggling with finding the perfect "stone" texture, as well as fiddling with monster replacements.

We hope to provide a download very soon.


EarthCraft Revamp

- January 21st, 2013

With all of the massive MineCraft updates, it was only a matter of time until our [EarthBound Texture Pack] was outdated. The pack is still available for use, and is still working.. however, oak, lily pads, certain types of leaves, and misc. foliage are all blank/not supported. SO, I will be working on V.2 of the texture pack.. but feel free to try out the original -> Here

CrabLord.com Presents:  

The EarthBound texture pack for MineCraft  

Centered Header Image

This project took a while to make, and we released it just in time for the Xbox release of MineCraft. (For those who only use PC) There are a few things that need to be retouched, but we feel as if it's ready to be launched. We intentionally made it look as cartoony as possible with as many Earthbound characters as possible without getting too carried away... Anyways, Enjoy!


Download the Texture Pack file ->HERE

More of a cartoon look.  

Large chests are now coffins, and creepers are now "Unassuming Local Guys".  

Badass artwork along with a Mr. Saturn, which replaces all pumpkins.  

All menu borders have the signature EarthBound text borders...Really gives the EB feel.  

What are you waiting for?  


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