Story Sequence: The Battle of Doom Island
This game starts by making you the defeat the endgame bosses as part of the introduction.

The Battle of Doom Island


Your characters will start at Lv 70+, and you already have a stockpile of healing items.

Follow the most obvious paths and you will find the Sinistrals.

Don’t bother exploring as you won’t be able to keep any items.

Maxim: attacks, or uses Valor between battles to heal your party.

Guy: just attacks.

Selan: normally uses Thunder. When fighting Erim, use Mirror on Maxim and Guy.

Artea: uses Trick to buff Maxim and Guy. Use Valor or Miracles in emergencies.

Story Sequence: Enjoy the dramatic conclusion to the Battle of Doom Island.
The world enjoys 100 years of peace.


Like most awesome RPGs, items can be found by checking bookcases, shelves, dressers and some more unusual locations.
After meeting some of the really lazy people in this game, you will be glad to take whatever you can find.
There are 136 in total and you will be given your completion score after the end game credits. There are also 655 chests to open.

Potion: heals 20 HP.

Revive: revives from 0 HP.

Power Potion: permanently boosts HP.

Swing Wing: warps you to towns you have visited.

Sweat Water: lessens monster battles. Buy lots!

Alekia Castle
1st Floor

Commander’s Room Arrow
Middle Room Swing Wing

2nd Floor

Left Room Potion
Middle Room Potion

3rd Floor

Princess’s Room Stuffed Bear
to Treasury Revive
Sweet Water


Roman’s Inn Dress
Item Shop Potion
Random Home

to Church
Sweet Water
Training Office

Cloth Helm
Power Potion



Now who wouldn’t be hooked after an intro like that?

You are finally able to do as you please after hearing about an attack on the kindgom of Sheran.

But before you can go kill monsters, you must loot the city.

You can find several revives and potions to survive your first travels.


None of these people seem care to about the possible monster attack so don’t bother speaking with them. You will notice that Lufia is very upset and cannot be found anywhere.

Find the Princess on the 3rd floor of the castle.
She gives you 100G to help on your journey.
Make sure you find the Cloth Helm and Bracelet to equip your characters.
You will also want to purchase and equip a Dagger from the weapons shop.
Before leaving the city, make sure you go the the church to save.

Journey to Chatam

Venture north to reach the village of Chatam.

Get the hero to Lv 2.
Big newt
Grilled newt

Great Potion: permanently boosts STR.

Mind Potion: permanently boosts INT.

Smoke Ball: increases chances of escaping battle.



(near tree)
Great Potion
Mind Potion
Daniel’s Home Smoke Ball


It’s a little village!Grab their loot!

Roman’s Inn is free so don’t use the Chatam Inn unless you are desperate.

Once you feel comfortable with the battle system, head north to nearest cave.

Can Poison

Antidote: cures poison.

Dead End Revive

North Cave

Welcome to the easiest cave this game has to offer.

Climb up the creepy rope ladder to get to Sheran.

The other direction leads to a dead end, but there is a hidden Revive on the ground.


Creepy music and wounded people everywhere!

You can loot the city if you like but I recommend returning to Alekia immediately.

Return to Alekia

You can tell the people of Alekia about the attack, but they will offer no assistance.

Talk to Roman. He will tell you Lufia is upstairs.
Go upstairs and get an earful from her about pie and stuff.

Once you are ready, leave towards Sheran once again.

Story Sequence: Lufia is pissed, but only because she wants to kill monsters too. Lufia joins your party!

Lufia starts with the lightning skill, Flash.

With it, she can already do more damage than your Hero.

Now that you have Lufia, be sure to equip her with the Bracelet.

Return through North Cave

On your way through the cave again, you will find an unconscious Danil.

Speak to him to learn that his sister is trapped in the castle.
He will give you the Sheran key.

Sheran Castle
1st Floor

Left Treasure Room 4 x Potion
Right Treasure Room Antidote
Foul Water
Sweet Water

2nd Floor

Study Sweet Water
Foul Water
Loot Room 2 x Arrow
Mid Arrow

3rd Floor

Locked Room 100G


Great Potion

Foul Water: lures enemies to attack every step.

Arrow: 20-30 damage to one enemy.

Mid Arrow: 40-60 damage to one enemy.

Return to Sheran

The town will remain just as you left it.

This time venture into the castle.

There are a lot of easy access treasure rooms. Loot them and make your way to the 3rd floor.

Now that you have the Sheran key you can open the two doors in the throne room.


One has gold and the other has a lever. Pull the lever to open a trapdoor elsewhere in the castle.

The dungeons can now be accessed using the top corner towers.

In the dungeon you will find the king, his subjects and Danil’s sister, Lilah.

Free them and leave the castle.

Mock Boss Fight! It’s Gades! The one you just killed, 100 years ago.
You would be smart to guess that this is unwinnable.
Even at Lv 99 you have a very slim chance of making him flee.
So don’t waste any potions and brace for your massive overkilling.
The circumstances of your rescue will leave you with many unanswered questions.
Immediately you are back in Alekia.

Rescued to Alekia

Speak to Roman to progress the story.

Your next job is to return Lilah to her brother in Chatam.
She is on the 2nd floor of the castle.

Return to Chatam

Danil and Lilah overflow with happiness as they are reunited.

They tell you about the port town of Treck, South-west of Sheran.

Unless you know precisely where you are going, you will want to get your characters to Lv 5.

And so begins your quest to defeat the Sinistrals once again!


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