Power Rangers - Fighting Edition (SNES 1995)


      This game kicks ass... I didn't expect it at all. Compared to all of the other Power Rangers games on the SNES, the Fighting Edition takes the cake. The ONE thing I didn't like about it was the absence of the Original Megazord. At the time, the newer zords were more popular, but the original Megazord would just top the entire game. Other than that, PR-FE makes a great addition to the Super Nintendo library of awesome.

Gameplay            [9]

The game includes a Story Mode as well as the common versus Mode ("Fighting Mode" in this case). In Story Mode, you can choose to play as either the Thunder Megazord or the Mega Tigerzord through battles with the remaining fighters as your enemies, up to the final fight against Ivan Ooze.

What makes Power Rangers - Fighting Edition more of a unique game, is the Power Bar underneath the player's health bar. When special attacks are timed accordingly to the power bar (when it's fully charged), the attack power of the special move is increased dramatically as well as upgraded to the next power bar. A fully upgraded power bar gives the ability to use your Ultimate attack.

Other than beating the hell out of your opponents, some inbetween-bout cutscenes are included, as well an intro clip.. Showing that Power Rangers try to make it look like more than the usual fighting game, Shit's going Down!
- Beat the hard difficulty in Story Mode to unlock the final boss in multiplayer.

Control                 [10]

Controls are great! The combos are easy to use and pack a good punch. Most special moves are hadouken style ( Down, Quarter Circle Forward, Attack ) so you won't need to take too long to get used to using your arsenal of attacks.
Again, Moves pack a bigger punch when your Power meter maxes out, an interesting and unique system.
Dashing backwards can block/evade more effectively, dashing forwards improves attack srength,speed, and intimidates that good ol' Player 2. Lighter characters move faster, and heavier characters are slower.... the way it should be.
Some character control gimmicks include Goldar having the ability fly if you hold up, LipSyncher's double jump, and Lord Zedd can warp behind the opponent.

Graphics              [9]

Not too shabby! The fighting venues are impressively well done with a perfect use of 16 bit pixel shading. Stages include The Moon Base, Zedds Lair, Zordons base, even the streets of Angel Grove... classic.
This game is one of the most colorful masterpieces I've ever played on the Super Nintendo, even the Game over screen blows my mind, with a Giant Lord Zedd staring you in the face with a high resolution "Continue?"
Character Icons in the foreground can take up some screen space; foreground interface can be disabled in the options menu.
This game Screams color.



Sound                    [6]

The music is, like its sidescrolling prequel, The theme song, with variations.
Since the majority of Story Mode fights take place in Zordon's lair, you'll be hearing the theme song quite a bit, although every other stage has a seperate stage theme.

Replay Value      [5]

Story Mode is only limited to two characters, which abolishes anything new to come across in the 1-player experience.

Final Comments:

- I would rather pop this cartridge in over Street Fighter ANY DAY. Quick and intense 2 player fights are the way to go, and figuring out the ultra moves are always interesting, and awesome when you land them.
As much of a shock you might think it is that I rated this game fairly high ... It's worth it, Give it a try!
It's a boldly colorful fighting game that kicks your eyes in the face.

~ Rew

"Do your fighting on the screen, not at home or at school"


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