Gameplay Videos

Turbo-Run: Mega Man X in 45 Min.
How-To: Stanley Parable DEMO Achievement.
Turbo-Run: Super Mario World.....(fail).
~With Rew and Jeff
MapleStory - I finally Solo Zakum.
MapleStory - Poke..... Poke Poke.
AeroFighters - CrabLord's revamped gameplay demos.
See the back-story here -> Terrible Game Demos.
MapleStory - Rewsifer Bowmaster Papulatus Solo @ Level 161.
AeroFighters - Attempt at the Alternate Final Ultra Monkey Boss.

Flash Videos (Coming Soon!)

"A Noise in My Head" A solo project by Stik, a dark animation about a creature named "Tatts" and the trip into his own self.
"Repair Man" Our first animation that we made way back in high school... Stik randomly recorded his dad's list of auto parts and the repairman was born.


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